Photo by Mubariz Mehdizadeh on Unsplash
May 26, 2023

Filters And Feelings: How Instagram’s Effects Influence Mood And Perception

By Morkven

Instagram has become an essential part of many people’s lives, providing a platform to share experiences, connect with friends and family, and even make money. 

But how is this app influencing our moods and perceptions? 

We will explore the effects that filters and feelings have on users of Instagram. 

We will examine the ways in which color-correcting apps can affect people’s self-esteem, as well as how certain emotions can be triggered by viewing other users’ posts. 

By looking at both positive and negative aspects of Instagram use, we can gain insight into how to best use the platform for personal growth.

Effects Of Color-Correcting Apps On Self-Esteem 

Color-correcting apps such as Facetune, VSCO, and AirBrush have become increasingly popular for users of Instagram. 

These apps allow users to enhance their photos by changing lighting, blurring blemishes, and making other subtle adjustments. 

While some argue that these apps can be empowering by allowing people to express themselves creatively, others have expressed concern that it can be damaging to people’s self-esteem. 

By allowing users to alter their appearance, color-correcting apps may lead some to compare themselves to idealized images of beauty and feel inadequate as a result. 

These adjustments create a false reality, leading viewers to think that the person in the photo is more attractive than they actually are. 

This can lead to feelings of dissatisfaction, as well as confusion and insecurity when users compare their appearance to that of edited photos.

Ways To Boost Your Self Esteem About Your Appearance

There are many ways to boost your self esteem when it comes to your appearance, but we will look into the three specific ways, doing a fun quiz, accepting your body and exercising. 

Doing A Fun Quiz

A fun and lighthearted way to get a better perspective on your self esteem issues is to take an online quiz or questionnaire about your body image. 

These quizzes can help you become more aware of any negative thoughts that you have about yourself, as well as provide you with tips on how to overcome them. 

Not only do they serve as a useful tool, but they can also be incredibly fun and enjoyable to do.

Accepting Your Body

Accepting your body is one of the most important steps to boosting self esteem when it comes to your appearance. 

Focusing on what you like about yourself, rather than the things that you don’t, can be an incredibly powerful way to increase your body confidence. 

Recognizing the beauty in others and appreciating our physical diversity can help us to appreciate ourselves more too.


Exercising is another great way to boost self esteem about your appearance. 

Not only does exercising have many physical benefits, but it can also help to improve your mental wellbeing too. 

Regular exercise can lead to improved body image and confidence, while at the same time helping you to stay motivated and achieve your goals. 

Exercising in a group or with friends can be even more beneficial as it helps to create a sense of accountability and community. 

Photo by Mubariz Mehdizadeh on Unsplash

Photo by Mubariz Mehdizadeh on Unsplash

Positive Aspects Of Instagram Use 

Despite the potential negative effects of Instagram, there are also positive aspects to using the platform. 

For starters, it provides users with a way to express their creativity by sharing photos and videos of themselves or their interests. 

This can be especially beneficial for those who feel that they have difficulty expressing themselves in person or have trouble conveying their ideas through words. 

It can be an excellent way to showcase one’s work and connect with a larger audience. 

Instagram also has the potential to foster meaningful connections between users. 

Through building relationships with friends, family members, or followers, Instagram users can receive support and encouragement from their peers

This is especially beneficial during times of stress or difficulty, allowing users to feel understood and less alone. 

Finally, Instagram can be used as an educational tool. Through following inspiring accounts or joining special interest groups, users can learn more about topics they are passionate about and gain valuable knowledge from others in the community. 

Negative Aspects Of Instagram Use 

Unfortunately, there are also some negative aspects to Instagram use that should not be ignored. 

For one, overuse of the platform has been linked to feelings of social comparison, envy, and depression. 

When users compare their own lives to those of other people on Instagram, they can become overwhelmed with a sense of inadequacy or failure due to feelings of inadequacy or failure. 

The amount of content on Instagram can become overwhelming and can cause users to lose track of their own goals and values. 

This is because they may be scrolling through endless posts without actually taking in any real information. 

There is a risk that users will become too dependent on the app, leading to excessive screen time that can have a detrimental effect on their mental and physical health

Instagram use is also associated with the potential for cyberbullying and other forms of online harassment. 

It is important to remember that although this type of behavior is not always intentional, it can still cause significant harm to those who are targeted by it.

Strategies For Achieving Personal Growth Through Instagram

Achieving personal growth through Instagram can be done by setting achievable goals, such as staying within a certain time limit each day or refraining from engaging with negative content. 

It is also important to follow inspiring accounts that promote positive values and messages, as this can help to motivate and inspire users on their personal development journey. 

Closing Remarks

In conclusion, Instagram can be used as a powerful tool for personal growth. 

It has the potential to foster meaningful connections between users and provide them with an outlet for creativity, inspiration, and learning. 

However, it is also important to remember that excessive use of the platform can lead to feelings of social comparison or inadequacy, and cyberbullying should never be tolerated. 

By setting achievable goals and engaging only with positive content on Instagram, users can take advantage of its benefits while avoiding any negative consequences associated with heavy usage.