March 16, 2023

10 Best Websites for Free Stock Photos

By Morkven

The visual appeal of a website is as essential as its content. Images, graphics, and videos play a crucial role in creating an outstanding website. Getting good quality images can cost you a certain amount, which may not be feasible for most people. Luckily, several websites offer free stock photos that you can use for commercial or personal projects without paying a penny. In this article, we will discuss the ten best websites for free stock photos.

1. Unsplash:

Unsplash is one of the most popular websites for free high-resolution images. The platform has a vast collection of beautiful photos in various genres, such as fashion, food, travel, and nature. You can choose from thousands of free stock photos on Unsplash that are perfect for any design project.

2. Pixabay:

Pixabay is another great website that offers free stock photos, illustrations, and vector graphics. Users can browse high-resolution images in different categories, such as lifestyle, technology, business, and sports. The website’s huge collection of photos, illustrations, and vectors make it a preferred choice for many designers.

3. Pexels:

Pexels is a user-friendly website that provides free high-quality images. The website features various categories, such as nature, people, business, and technology, making it easy for designers to find the ideal image for their projects. Pexel’s vast collection of photos, videos, and illustrations enables designers to access a variety of images for any project.

4. Gratisography:

Gratisography is a unique website that offers free high-resolution stock photos with an artistic touch. The site has a collection of quirky, weird, and unconventional images taken by Ryan McGuire, a graphic designer who captures images in a different way. The site’s unique and whimsical pics are perfect for creatives looking for something special.

5. StockSnap:

StockSnap is a highly curated website that offers free stock photos from various genres, such as food, fashion, animals, and nature. The website allows users to search for photos by categories, date, and popularity, making it easy to find the best image for their project. StockSnap boasts an extensive collection of quality images that are perfect for almost any occasion.

6. Burst:

Burst is a website owned by Shopify that provides free images for personal and commercial use. The platform has a vast collection of photos in various genres such as travel, fashion, food, business, and nature. Burst also provides design tips and resources to help users integrate the pictures with their business site.

7. Reshot:

Reshot is a website that offers creative and unique free stock photos taken by emerging photographers. The site features various themes such as vintage, abstract, and nature, among others, all captured in a different way. Reshot’s unique and original images make it an ideal choice for creatives searching for something different.

8. Kaboompics:

Kaboompics is a popular website for free high-resolution images for commercial and personal use. The site provides stock photos in categories such as food, fashion, technology, and nature. The site’s unique images make it stand out from the crowd.

9. Life of Pix:

Life of Pix is another website that offers high-resolution free stock photos. The website features unique and artistic photos taken by a community of photographers worldwide. The site’s vast collection of photos allows users to search for various images for their projects.

10. Freepik:

Freepik is a website that offers free stock photos, illustrations, and vectors. The website provides users with hundreds of free graphic resources in categories such as backgrounds, icons, and patterns. The site’s vast selection of images makes it easy to find the perfect graphic for your project.


The above-discussed websites are among the best for free stock photos. Whether you’re looking for a simple image or a unique, artistic photo, these ten sites will not disappoint you. They offer various images in different categories enabling users to find the perfect image for their projects. Using these websites saves you money while offering quality images for both commercial and personal use, making them an excellent resource for creatives.