August 24, 2020

How to flip image in Photoshop

By Morkven

In this short tutorial you will learn how to flip a image in Photoshop to get a different angle of something. For this tutorial, we’re using Photoshop 2020, but every step is compatible with older Photoshop versions.

Step 1: Crop The Photo If Needed

If you need, crop away area of our image that we don’t need for this effect. If you don’t need to crop your image, you can skip ahead to Step 2.

Usually, you will want to crop away any areas in image containing text, since it will look odd when flipped either horizontally or vertically.

To crop your image, select Photoshop’s Crop Tool from the Toolbar along the left of the screen, or just press C on your keyboard to start cropping the image.

Photoshop Crop Tool

Step 2: Flip The Image

Go to the Image menu at the top of the screen, choose Image Rotation, and then choose Flip Canvas Horizontal:

Thats it! You’ve flipped and image. Keep in mind, that image can be also flipped horizontaly.